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My name is Ellie Shoja. I founded Peace Unleashed during a pivotal moment in my life when while following the voice inspiration, I embarked on a four-month solo road trip up the coast of California. When I returned from this trip, I put my life officially on hold and moved to Canada for seven months to finish an unfinished novel.

What started as a way to share inspiration and my journey, turned into a hub for inner peace. Soon, I was receiving messages and questions from around the world. The Unleash Your Peace podcast was born, and its first 75 episodes became a journey into inner peace.

Since its inception in 2018, Peace Unleashed as a business has taken a few forms. Initially, it organically became a place for inspiration and mindset coaching. Soon, corporate programs and keynote talks were added to the menu, and by the time the 2020 pandemic knocked, our schedules were filled with talks, seminars, travel, and events.

During the great spaciousness that the pandemic created, we shifted gears to online. We recorded some of our courses for a remote audience, created a YouTube channel, and became a publishing house by publishing several of my works.

I also focused much of my time during this time ghostwriting books for clients with much greater footprint than mine.

Today, Peace Unleashed continues to be a place for inner peace, but my focus has been mostly on writing books, journals and screenplays -- both my own and my clients'.

I hope you'll join me on this journey, especially if you've enjoyed my previous work.

With Love,
Ellie Shoja

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On The TED Stage

In 2019, Ellie Shoja shared some insights from the TED stage. Check out the talk below.

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Through the Peace Unleashed YouTube Channel, we share content that helps you find inner peace. On Mondays, we release a guided meditation to help you reprogram your subconscious mind. On Wednesdays, we release interviews with thought leaders to inspire you. And on Fridays, we add a dose of fun to your spiritual journey.
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Unleash Your Peace Podcast

The first 75 episodes of the Unleash Your Peace podcast are structured as a course into inner peace. We explore different topics about the internal world through short, daily episodes that help you remove all the barriers you've built against peace and give you the tools you need to connect to the source of peace and power within yourself.
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