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Live With An Open Heart

An 11-day meditation series.

Learn to meditate while re-connecting with your heart.

This course starts with a 5-minute meditation on day one and adds a minute every day until you are meditating 15 minutes on day 11.

The meditations might be short, but they are potent. They are designed to take you inward quickly so you can connect to the infinite beingness within you with greater ease.

The first five days are spent learning the technique of meditation, noticing and releasing thoughts, and retuning to our breath. We also start to pay attention to the body and feel its subtle vibrations. On day 6, we begin to connect with the heart center -- a connection that we deepen in the subsequent days.

I Want This Meditation Series!

"Ellie's spiritual teachings have helped me prevent the walls around my heart from immediately closing up just because I've been hurt.

Her guided meditations leave me feeling more connected with myself, with the universe, and with the collective spirit of us all. I'm extremely grateful to have experienced all that she has to offer."

-Kate Huffman
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