How To Set Yourself Up For Success In 2019

this week's topic Jan 01, 2019

More than 90% of people will NOT do this simple exercise. They will choose to watch TV or spend time scrolling though their social media feed instead. They will find things to do that may feel more important — activities that will forever keep them stuck in loops of mediocrity.

By NOT participating in this exercise, they will create their lives by default. They will live reactivity, always in response to whatever is NOT going right in their lives, always focused on the things they dislike or fear.

These are the same people who remain stuck at jobs they hate.
They are the same people who complain about horrible their spouses are.
They are the same people who will find something to complain about regardless of the conditions they find themselves in.

Things never go right for them. There is always something they are waiting to attain BEFORE they can be happy. Unfortunately, this something never gets to them.

Do NOT be part of this 90% crowd.

Do this exercise and live your life deliberately.

And what is this simple exercise, you ask?

It’s simple: Define where it is you’d like to go in 2019. Set intentions.

Setting intentions can be a tricky thing. Many people resist setting intentions because they either don't see the value in it or they have “tried” setting intentions and “failed.”

There are many reasons we don’t get to our destinations and they’re all rooted in mistake in our thinking: We don’t believe it is possible for us to attain that which we have set out to attain.

This lack of belief is the ONLY THING that keeps us from attaining our dreams.

In this week’s episode on the Unleash Your Peace Podcast, I talk about one very simple change in your thinking that can help you push through when you begin to feel discouraged. And that is this: Realize that if you aren’t where you’re going, you haven’t gotten there yet.

It sounds like common sense, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, as simple and intuitive this concept sounds, it is one that we constantly forget on our path toward our dreams.

In the physical world, it would be silly to attempt to drive from Los Angeles to San Diego, and turn around in Irvine, because we decide “San Diego must not exist, because I’ve been driving for over an hour and I haven’t gotten to it yet.”

In the physical world, we KNOW that we have to drive through Irvine and many more cities BEFORE we can get to San Diego. And we make this trip with no doubt that San Diego will be there once we get to it.

Now, let me ask you this:

On your path to attaining your desire, how many times have you simply turned around part-way through your journey because you doubted that your destination exists? How many times have you felt discouraged because the path seemed longer than you wanted it to be? How many times have you backtracked, changed course, or stopped dead in your tracks because you felt frustrated by how long the journey is taking?

You would need do these things on a road trip. So, why are you doing this on your path to your dreams?

To help yo set your year off right, I have prepared a list of 20 questions you can answer right now. Either handwrite them into a journal or speak your answers out loud to give them life. The first set of questions is about 2018, and the second set is about 2019.

Let me know in the comments below what you are most excited about in 2019.

Answer the following questions about 2018:

  1. What were some of the highlights of 2018?

  2. What were the biggest lessons you learned?

  3. How did you demonstrate your power?

  4. What were some of the surprising ways in which you succeeded?

  5. What brought you the most joy?

  6. Who did you get closer to?

  7. Which relationships blossomed?

  8. What were you willing to let go of?

  9. What were you able to let go of?

  10. How have you opened up space for expansion?

Now that you’ve milked 2018 for some of its wonderful gifts, let’s define what you’d like 2019 to look like by answering the following questions:

  1. What are some experiences you’d like to have in 2019?

  2. Who are some of the people you’d like to meet or befriend?

  3. What are you looking forward to most in 2019?

  4. Which relationships would you like to deepen?

  5. How will you show your love to your loved ones?

  6. How will you show your love to yourself?

  7. What trip(s) are you looking forward to?

  8. Describe in detail the BEST and HAPPIEST day of the year.

  9. What will you accomplish this year? How does it feel when you accomplish it?

  10. Imagine the biggest WIN of your life taking place in 2019. What does it feel like?

This is how you ensure your own success: by creating the life you desire most deliberately.


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