The Difference Between Action and Inspired Action

this week's topic Jan 08, 2019

Have you ever tried to make something work that simply did not want to work out?

Perhaps you had a great idea for a project, but no matter how hard you tried, the pieces would not fall into place.

Or you were trying to land a job, and even though you were completely overqualified for it, every step you thought you’re taking toward it seemed to push you further away.

Now, think of a time when the opposite was true — a time when that which you wanted came to you almost by magic and worked itself out with little effort from you.

You may have barely thought the thought, and next thing you knew, the cooperative components were gathering and the pieces were appearing almost out of thin air. The person you sat next to on an airplane turned out to be close friends with someone you’d been wanting to reach; the book that was left on the table at your doctor’s office held the exact steps on how to do something you’d been wanting to look up. Maybe someone you hadn’t spoke with in years called you out of the blue with an opportunity that aligned perfectly with the project you were working on.

This is the difference between action and inspired action.

This is the difference between trying to reach your dreams as a physical human or co-creating your dreams with the help of your non-physical Inner Being.

It’s the difference between stumbling through a maze or flying over it.

If you’ve experienced this type of co-creation with the divine, you might have felt like you’re cheating somehow. If you’re still holding on to limiting beliefs such as “easy come, easy go” or “it’s not real unless you’ve worked really hard for it,” you might have forced yourself back into the maze so you could trial-and-error your way into your solution.

We do strange things just to feel like we’ve earned our success.

If you are still entertaining limiting beliefs, you might want to (re)listen to the episodes I shared with you during our “Blind Spots” week.

This week on the Unleash Your Peace Podcast (iTunes, Spotify, PodBean), we take this dialogue a tad further by discussing how inspired action helped my guest Neloo Naderi coast through some of the biggest transitions in her life. By tapping into inspiration, she was able to find a new career path, land her dream job (at the time) and find clarity in the midst of chaos.

During this episode, we will also discuss:

  • An exercise you can do right now that will help you sharpen your inspiration receptors.

  • How Neloo worked through her depression and smile things you can do to pull you out of darkness into the light.

  • A fun way you can keep your brain from becoming stagnant.

As you have noticed by now, I have changed the format of this podcast this year. While the idea of 5 short weekly episodes was compelling, many of you asked for longer episodes. Two episodes into the longer format, I am quite enjoying it. I especially love the chance to bring on guests who can help contextualize all the wonderful concepts we have covered on this podcast thus far.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions, or if there are any guests or topics you’d like me to cover.



My guest this week is my good friend and fellow spiritual pilgrim Neloo Naderi. Neloo is a Heathcare Consultant with a global consulting firm and the co-creator of 20/20 Meditate for Peace, a social movement that demystifies meditation and provides support for those in search of a deeper connection to their True Selves. As the creator of Thriving Ever After, she has inspired a sense of adventure in both her friends and strangers.

Neloo is also my co-host for the LA-based meditation parties that have been inspiring a sense of community and love in Los Angeles, California since 2016. To join the email list for these parties, please send me an inquiry at peace(at)


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