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Are False Beliefs Keeping You From Living Your Life's Purpose?

this week's topic Aug 13, 2018

What is our life's purpose? 
Why are we here?
Is there something we're supposed to do?
Is there one unique gift each of us is given? One unique purpose we're supposed to accomplish? One major test we need to pass?
Or is our purpose a...

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Is Life Some Big Test You Have To Pass?

this week's topic Aug 06, 2018

What is life? 

No, seriously. What is it? And why are we doing it? 

Sometimes -- well, maybe most of the time -- it may feel like life is nothing but a succession of obstacles strung together for the purpose of testing our...

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Is Your Body Even Real?

this week's topic Jul 30, 2018

Perhaps the biggest lie we have been told is that we are physical beings having physical experiences. This cannot be farther from the truth. We are, in fact, vibrational beings observing ourselves and our physical experiences into existence. ...

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Can You Logic Your Way Into A Better Feeling Life?

this week's topic Jul 23, 2018

We all know how powerful our minds are. We're told whatever we put our minds to, we can achieve, and that our minds create our reality. We may even have experienced this incredible creative power of our minds when we imagined what we desired into...

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