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Don't settle for stress when you can optimize performance! Empower your team by giving them the internal tools they need to perform at their highest potential. 

"Meditate. Breathe consciously. Come from a place of peace and you'll find that you can deal with anything."
Oprah Winfrey


"Stress costs U.S. businesses roughly $300 billion a year as a result of absenteeism, reduced productivity levels, and employee turnover."
American Psychological Association

Our 3-Step ADE Process

Using our 3-Step ADE Process, we partner with you and your leadership team to design a Customized Solution that works for your organization. Our primary objective is to develop a training system that not only addresses your unique needs but is also easily integrated into your existing culture.


"Seek first to understand, then to be understood." 
Stephen Covey

The purpose of this phase is to thoroughly understand the specific needs of your organization and to clearly define the project objectives. 


"If you think you don't have time to do it right, what makes you think you have time to do it over?"
Seth Godin

Curating solutions from a wide range of leadership, communication, stress management and productivity tools, we build a custom program that strategically mitigates your identified pain-points. 


"Vision without execution is hallucination."
Thomas A. Edison 

By using periodic checkpoints and feedback loops in conjunction with an agile approach to program delivery, we create immediate and lasting shifts in mindset and inspire your team to embody the practical, life-changing tools presented during our trainings.

What We Teach

Company Culture + Morale
Conflict Resolution
Creative Problem Solving
Effective + Influential Communication
Holistic Change Management
Inspired Innovation
Mindful Leadership + Decision Making
Performance Coaching
Root Cause Analysis
Stress + Anxiety Management
Team Alignment

How We Teach

Individual + Group Coaching
In-Person + Online Training
Executive Coaching
Corporate Events
Keynote Talks

Level Up Holistically. Unlock Possibility.

We set your team up for success!

Every organization has its own unique needs and challenges.

We partner with you to curate content that fits your company's culture, needs, resources, and limitations. Our goal is to deliver the content in such a way that it is easily absorbed into your existing culture and workflow. We understand that no matter how great our content is, it will not be of any value if your team does not implement it. This is why we work closely with your leadership team to provide practical, actionable tools that will be adopted by your team.

Below are some of the trainings we have delivered in the past, which can be customized to fit your specific needs.


Customized Modules + Flexible Delivery

Here is an example of an easy-to-implement program we developed for one of our partners to address their specific pain points of high stress and compromised communication.  

During our Assessment Phase, we identified three main organizational hurdles that caused operational waste, compromised employee morale and cost the company potential revenues. These were:

  1. High level of stress across all departments.
  2. Inter-departmental communication breakdowns.
  3. Inconsistent accountability standards across the organization. 

We developed a 4-module program that addressed the core issues that cost the company significant losses in revenues and productivity. 

Each module was designed to be delivered as a one 8-hour workshop or six 90-minute sessions delivered over the course of six consecutive weeks. 

Additionally, we incorporated one-on-one executive coaching for the leadership team. 

Module 1 Discover Internal Peace: Reduce Stress And Create Balance

Module 2 Find Your Voice: Communicate Effectively

Module 3 Navigate Tough Conversations: Set + Manage Expectations

Module 4 Inspire Innovation: Unlock Creativity For Problem Solving

Keynote Topics

We inspire your team into action with thought-provoking talks.

The Challenge Of Diversity: Why It Leads To Low Morale And How To Fix It

A diverse team always looks great on paper -- that is until the individuals on that team try to do their jobs against a backdrop of high demands, tight deadlines, and undefined expectations. 

Many culturally diverse companies suffer from high turnover rates and low morale, which can lead to low productivity and lost revenue. Some companies even experience such toxic work environments that they find it challenging to meet even their minimum quarterly or annual goals. These challenges are often rooted in communication breakdowns caused by cultural differences. 

In this powerful and enlightening talk (that can be expanded into a half or full-day workshop and incorporate into your company's diversity programming), we pull on various resources to address these issues and provide tangible, actionable solutions, insights and exercises that will close the communication gaps, raise morale, and inspire your team to re-commit themselves to your company -- thereby increasing productivity.


Change-maker Mindset: Becoming Comfortable With Discomfort

In this captivating talk about the power of embracing discomfort, we put the audience on edge with an experiment that requires them to surrender to the present moment fully. In this visceral way, we and the audience explore the birthplace of innovation and re-define what it means to be a change-maker in today’s ever-shifting climate. 


The Psychology of Succeeding With Ease: Why Hustle Mentality Is Keeping You Stuck

What does it take to be successful? Most people will say things like "hustle more," "be smarter," "be lucky," "work harder," “work longer," "be driven," "be relentless," "persist and persevere," and “don't take no for an answer."  

What all these suggestions have in common is that NONE are guaranteed ways to success. Sure, there are people who do these and succeed, but for every person who finds success by using one or more of these tactics, there are dozens who don't.  

So, what then is the real secret sauce to success? What does it actually take to succeed?  

In this riveting and aha-moment-filled talk, we dissect the internal ecosystem required to truly succeed. By looking at the internal conditions for success, we unravel the myths we've been told for generations and set your team up for actual success by adjusting their mindset.


Let us help you unleash your team's dormant potential!

Request your complimentary discovery meeting during which we can discuss your specific needs and determine if we are the right fit for your organization. 


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Request your complimentary discovery meeting during which we can discuss your specific needs and determine if we are the right fit for your organization.