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Dr. Sue Morter
Peace Unleashed Book Club Author Interview Series

Ever wonder how to activate the natural healing intelligence of your body? Thirty years ago, energetic medicine practitioner, Dr. Sue Morter had an awakening during a meditation that transformed her life. After healing herself of scoliosis and consistent migraines, she has devoted her life to sharing her findings, tools, and strategies with thousands around the world.

"TikTok Doc" Dr. Jason Campbell
Kindness Always Wins Even During A Pandemic

Kindness always wins! OHSU doctor, Jason Campbell, aka TikTok Doc felt compelled to uplift his colleagues and connect with youth across the country by creating fun TikTok dance videos that have NOW gone viral. Teen influencers step aside, there is a new hero in town, a healthcare hero. Growing up in affluent black neighborhoods, Dr Campbell understands why mentorship is important and how it played a key role in his professional career. In this NelooTV interview, Jason discusses his mission to inspire youth to follow in his footsteps, help diversify medicine by influencing future African American doctors. Here's hoping the doctor shortage USA is no longer a concern for the next generation. 

Dr. Jen Esquer
How To Finally Trust Yourself

DocJenFit, aka Dr. Jen Esquer, is a doctor of physical therapy, an instagram influencer, and a woman who finally learned to trust herself. In late 2019, Jen Esquer spoke out about her experience with infidelity to shine the light on the shame that many people experience after a breakup. Her act of vulnerability deepened Jen's connection to her mission and her audience.

In this inspiring interview, Jen Esquer and I talk about the importance of listening to your body and using your breath as you navigate challenging and painful circumstances.

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A Few Of Our Favorite Interviews

William Hung
American Idol "She Bangs" Singer on Turning A Terrible Audition Into A Successful Career

David Zucker
Director of Airplane! and The Naked Gun trilogy on Celebrating 40 Years Of Airplane!

Rachel Slawson
Miss Utah USA 2020 on How She Prioritized Self Care After A Manic Episode

Daryl Davis
How Curiosity and Civil Discourse Lead To 200 KKK Members Leaving The Klan

NelooTV Spotlight

Through NelooTV Spotlight, we bring together individuals with differing views on important topics to explore challenges and solutions through civil, respectful discourse. 

Education In The Time Of Corona: Where Do We Go From Here?

Our first NelooTV Spotlight focuses on the role and challenges of education during a global pandemic. Neloo Naderi, CEO of Peace Unleashed, speaks directly with today's teachers, parents, and teens about the state of the American educational system, its strengths, and its weaknesses.

A 3-part video series, this education panel is an in-depth conversation that offers insights, tangible recommendations, and answers to questions like:
* What does the world need now?
* What do our children need now?
* What matters next?
* Where do we go from here?
* What is the role of faith and spirituality?
* What is the role of remote learning and AI. 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Meet The Panelist For This Spotlight
DJ Stutz - Retired kindergarten teacher and Founder of Little Hearts Academy USA.
Travis Clark - Educator, RTI specialist, and award-winning football coach.
Kim Normand Dobrin - Co-Founder/CEO of Free The Mind Co.
Keisha Chandler - Mama and Student Affairs Online Lead.
Patrick Tyrrell - Father, educator, and musician.
Manuel Sandoval - Educator, Equity Coordinator, and Coach.
Angie Engelbert - Educator and opportunity architect.
Muriel Hodgson-Vargas - Leader, Innovator, Visionary, and Mother.
Pearl Buckley - High School senior and Teen Line volunteer. 

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