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Whether you are an individual struggling to find peace or an organization that's losing money and productivity due to high stress and communication breakdowns, we provide you the tools you need to up level your performance and live your best life. Our customized solutions fall into three categories: Enterprise, Community, and Self-Guided.


There is a better way to productivity! Our enterprise solutions create immediate and lasting shifts in mindset, provide practical, life-changing tools, and inspire you and your team to live your highest potential. 



For individuals who don't want to venture inward alone, we offer many community solutions ranging from online and in-person courses, group and one-on-one coaching, seminars, workshops, and special events. 



Are you intimidated or hesitant to do this work with a group? Or does your quest require you to embark alone? Our self-guided online resources will provide you the support you need while allowing you complete autonomy. 


Find Your People At An Event

Welcome to Los Angeles, the city of clog and smog. Also, the city of endless deadlines, constant rejection, and exclusive groups that are impossible to infiltrate. In the midst of all the beautiful, perfect chaos that is LA, our events provide an oasis of connectivity, support and unconditional love.


Over the years, we have tried many apps, read countless books, listened to more podcasts that we can remember, and learned from many teachers. Here are some of our favorite sources of information and inspiration.


Insight Timer AKA our favorite meditation app. #1 free app for meditation and sleep. Over 150,000 five-star reviews!! The largest library of free guided meditations on earth and the world's most loved meditation timer. We love this app so much that we have made two of our guided meditations available for free on Insight Timer. Search "Ellie Shoja" to meditate to them.

Down Dog AKA our favorite yoga app. Great yoga everywhere. Over 55,000 five-star reviews. 


Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself. Best-selling book by Dr. Joe Dispenza where we are shown how to rewire our minds so we can use it to create any miracle that we desire. 


52 Hike ChallengeA global movement that helps participants connect with themselves through connecting to nature. Hikers attain physical fitness, mental well-being, new friendships and experiences by committing to completing 52 hikes in one year.


Heal - The Most Powerful Healer Is WithinDocumentary from Kelly Noonan that takes us on a scientific and spiritual journey where we discover our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions have a huge impact on our health and ability to heal. Available on Netflix. #1 best-selling documentary on iTunes.

"Ellie's gives off an energy that is hard to put into words. You feel soothed by her presence and also aware that there's a loving, non-judgmental entity before you that you should connect with. Her spiritual teachings have helped me prevent the walls around my heart from immediately closing up just because I've been hurt. Her guided meditations leave me feeling more connected with myself, with the universe, and with the collective spirit of us all. I'm extremely grateful to have experienced all that she has to offer."

Kate Huffman
Actress, "I'm Too Fat For This Show"

The Power Of Mindfulness

If you're new to all this internal gazing, you might be skeptical of many of the claims we make. Mindfulness and the need for it are becoming more mainstream every year, but there are still those who question its basic principles and challenge the very notion that we have power over shaping the quality of our lives.

Contemplating Mindfulness At Work: An Integrative Review -- Journal of Management, 2015; 42 (1): 114 DOI:  10.1177/0149206315617003

A comprehensive management based research study concludes that mindfulness in the workplace improves employee focus, attention, and behavior. 

Injecting a corporate culture with mindfulness not only improves focus, but the ability to manage stress and how employees work together. 

Organizations such as Google, Aetna, Mayo Clinic, and the United States Marine Corps use mindfulness training to improve workplace functioning. The results of this latest research indicates this approach can improve a range of workplace functions. 

The research indicates significant and diverse benefits of mindfulness coincides with growing practical interest in mindfulness training nationally and worldwide. For example, British Parliament has recently launched a mindfulness initiative called "Mindful Nation UK" that leverages mindfulness to benefit diverse sectors and improve national health, productivity and flourishing.

Among the new study's conclusions:

  • Mindfulness appears to positively impact human functioning overall. Research in such disciplines as psychology, neuroscience and medicine provide a wealth of evidence that mindfulness improves attention, cognition, emotions, behavior and physiology.
  • Specifically, mindfulness has been shown to improve three qualities of attention -- stability, control and efficiency. The human mind is estimated to wander roughly half of our waking hours, but mindfulness can stabilize attention in the present. Individuals who completed mindfulness training were shown to remain vigilant longer on both visual and listening tasks.
  • Although mindfulness is an individual quality, initial evidence suggests that it affects interpersonal behavior and workgroup relationships.
  • Mindfulness may improve relationships through greater empathy and compassion -- suggesting mindfulness training could enhance workplace processes that rely on effective leadership and teamwork.

Veterans who learn Transcendental Meditation find relief from PTSD, new study shows -- READ FULL ARTICLE

Article highlights: 

  • After one month of practice, 87% of the 46 participating soldiers who had clinical levels of PTSD saw a clinically significant decrease of more than 10 points. "The reduction was so great that 37 participants (80%) had their symptoms reduced to below the clinical level, meaning that they were no longer considered to have a disorder."
  • "Meditation works on the neurophysiological level to reduce stress, there for has a broader impact than cognitively-based therapy."

Master of mindfulness, Jon Kabat-Zinn: "People are losing their minds. That is what we need to wake up to." -- READ THE FULL ARTICLE

In this inspiring and enlightening article, you will not only learn the basic principles of mindfulness, but you will see a way out of the darkness that might be present in your own life. 

Article Highlights:

  • "He has a platform to build on. Mindfulness courses ultimately derived from his work are now being rolled out in the UK to school pupils, convicts, civil servants and even politicians. It is prescribed on the NHS in some areas to prevent recurrent depression, with 2,256 people completing eight-week courses last year. The course reduces the likelihood of relapse by almost a third, according to an analysis of nine trials. In the US, the NBA basketball champions, Golden State Warriors, are the latest poster boys for the practice after their coach, Steve Kerr, made mindfulness one of the team’s core values."
  • Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) has been shown to be at least as effective as antidepressants at preventing relapse and, in a two-year trial by Willem Kuyken’s team, 44% of the MBCT cohort relapsed compared with 47% on pills. In one trial of 173 people, it was also found to reduce the severity of current depression, with an average 37% reduction in symptoms. It is being taught widely in the private sector with qualified MBCT teachers delivering courses in parish halls, workplaces and beyond.

  • “The science of meditation is in its infancy. We need decades more study. People talk about artificial intelligence and machine learning, but we haven’t scratched the surface of what human intelligence is really all about.”

This school replaces detention with meditation and the results are phenomenal -- READ THE FULL ARTICLE WATCH THE VIDEO

By teaching misbehaving children how to meditate, the Robert W. Coleman Elementary School in Baltimore, Maryland, reduced suspensions to ZERO and has improved school attendance.  

"Ellie is a natural. She is so spiritually in-tune and embodies love and peace in everything she does. I've had the privilege of getting to know her over the last year and attend her meditation dinners and it has been such a blessing in my life at a time when I really needed it. I encourage you to read her writing sand moreover attend her classes and retreats. I'm certain Ellie will enrich your life and give you new perspective as she did for me. She is a true inspiration. "

Sheila Rabizadeh

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