• SHAKE UP your daily routine,

  • REWIRE your mind for EXPANSION, and

  • Find your VITALITY + sense of ADVENTURE!

No matter how stuck you feel.

Don't Let The Daily Grind Get In The Way Of Your Joy!

Join us for a 2-Hour transformative workshop to AWAKEN your senses and CREATE a life you LOVE!

See You On January 25th In Brentwood, California!

This 2-hour workshop is everything you've been waiting for. Don't miss it. Sign up before doors close!

We'll meet at a private residence in Brentwood, California. Address will be provided upon registration.









Do you feel stuck and uninspired? Do you have great ideas but lack the motivation or energy to see them through?

You're meant for more!

GET UNSTUCK! is a 2-hour multi-sensory experience that uses movement, medicine, music, and meditation to help you unclog your energetic pipes, clear your mind, and infuse your life with vitality.

Music + Movement

Your voice is powerful. Your body is divine. By pairing physical movement with empowering mantras set to music, we help you identify and release any internal resistance standing in your way of living your best life.


We infuse your journey inward with high-vibing doTERRA essential oils. Each oil is carefully selected to soften internal blocks and is paired with music and movement to rewire you for expansion.


Nothing provides more clarity, internal peace, and relief from limiting thought patterns than quieting the mind in meditation. Short meditation and journaling exercises clarify your intentions and activate your life.

"I really think your class yesterday was so beneficial. It definitely helped break up some stuck energy. No question. What a special offering! You and Natasha make a great team. Thanks again!"

Joshua Prindihan

"Ellie's teaching and approach has been life-changing for me. After trying many different avenues to understanding myself better and to work toward obtaining inner peace, nothing helped me more than Ellie's workshop. Anyone and everyone would benefit from her teachings. My life has and continues to change in the most positive ways because of Ellie's guidance."

Tonya Meleca

"I LOVED this workshop! It felt very safe & supportive, no judgement. I liked the meditations, helped to get out of my head & be present. Value of workshop 10 out of 10. Thank you! xo"

Cori McGinn

"Jamee and Natasha’s Workshop combines the healing power of essential oils with music and dance, creating a powerful, educational, and fun experience. I highly recommend! The dance moves compliment the musical mantras perfectly and I learned so much about how to implement the oils to better my life every day. Natasha and Jamee have found a really fun and unique way to use their talents in music and movement to create a one of a kind workshop - everyone left with big smiles on their faces, lifted spirits, and on top of that, high-quality essential oil samples with info! I look forward to the next one!"

Dylan Prindihan

"The workshop was SO MUCH FUN! I left feeling high on life, with new tools (mantras/oils/movements) to keep the good vibes going though my month. So looking forward to the next one."

Camila Greenberg

"I love this practice. It is the most helpful I've yet experienced in assisting me to release a certain belief that has been holding me back for years from achieving a specific goal. I still have some work to do with this, but I can already tell I am now making more progress than I have in a long time toward that end. Thank you for sharing with me and the world. I see the light in you."


Give Yourself The Gift Of Clarity

You will not attain clarity if you're not willing to take a pause. This workshop is UNLIKE any other. By combining multiple sensory elements, we create a safe yet stimulating atmosphere that gives you access to the source of your intuition and power.

What to expect:

Two hours of energizing guidance that seamlessly combines dance, music, essential oils, meditation, and journaling to unlock your hidden guidance and activate your life. 


Let's Activate Your Life! 

There will ALWAYS be a reason NOT to choose yourself.

But IF you're exhausted enough, frustrated enough, stressed enough, anxious enough, disconnected enough, and STUCK enough --

THEN you owe it to yourself to find a better way. 


Beautiful Expressions + Peace Unleashed

Magic happens when magical people come together. For this workshop, Peace Unleashed has teamed up with Beautiful Expressions, a multi-sensory experience infused with dance, song, and essential oils to help you unlock your divinity.

Beautiful Expressions

Jamee Kyson + Natasha Heath

Beautiful Expressions Playshops is the brainchild of musician and former neuroscientist Jamee Kyson and dancer Natasha Heath. By combining dance, music, and essential oils, they created a revitalizing experience that is designed to clear your internal blocks and infuse your life with renewed purpose. 

Peace Unleashed

Neloo Naderi + Ellie Shoja

Peace Unleashed workshops, created by Ellie Shoja and Neloo Naderi, combine over three decades of internal exploration with practical tools to make personal transformation accessible to those seeking inner peace. These workshops combine meditation, journaling, and dialogue to create lasting internal expansion.



Why choose to continue feeling stagnant when the answers you've been seeking are at your fingertips? 

This workshop has limited space. Grab your seat before it’s gone!