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Your Heart Knows The Way 

We wanted to create not only the most beautiful deck of inspirational cards out there, but also the most impactfulYour Heart Knows The Way combines the breathtaking images of Los Angeles-based fine artist Chris Dellorco with the deeply-moving channeled writing of spiritual teacher and motivational speaker Ellie Shoja.

The result is a deck that is not only a stunning centerpiece and conversation starter, but also has the power to help you re-connect with your powerful heart, so you can live from inspiration, find your purpose in life, and tap into joy. 

How Do I Order My Deck?

On December 7, 2019, our CEO Ellie Shoja and COO Neloo Naderi shared inspiring insights from the TED stage in individual talks. 

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Don't Just Sit There. Meditate!

Meditation is mind training. It is a powerful, impactful and active way to connect with your intuition while simultaneously strengthening your brain's ability to problem solve more efficiently, remain objective during times of stress, and cultivate habits that serve you better.

Check out these physiological changes that take place within your body when you meditate just a few minutes per day.


Meditating regularly increases gray matter and Cortical thickness leading to better brain functionality and problem solving abilities. Meditators also experience a decrease in their amygdala size which results in reduced stress levels.


Meditation improves heart function and allows you to achieve Heart Coherence (steady heartbeat rhythm), resulting in the ability to better connect with others. Heart coherence also leads to more objective thoughts and balanced emotions.


Meditation improves the immune system, decreases blood pressure, improves sleep, reduces cortisol levels and decreases inflammation at the cellular level, resulting in a stronger, more resilient YOU.

The Research Is Loud + Clear

For over a decade, research into mindfulness practices such as meditation has been validating the spectacular benefits of meditation. Here are a few from various sources including the Harvard Medical Review. Email us for the links to the research articles.

We Believe In Rising Together

You are already whole. If you forget this, we are here to remind you.
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Book Club

In the Peace Unleashed book club, we explore powerful ideas that take you inward and connect you to the infinite consciousness that is at the core of your Being.

Join our community of readers to explore what it means to be human, discover your purpose in life, and harness your individual power.


Workshops + Talks

Whether you need one-on-one coaching or you're looking to make some new high-vibe friends, we set the stage for you to find your support system of peace-minded super people.

Lasting friendships have been forged at our events, our courses have healed decades of pain, and our talks move audiences into inspired action.


Online Content

You're never alone with your tribe of peace pioneers on the other side of a click. Our online community transcends all borders and supports you on your journey into peace in a spirit of complete acceptance.

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We're In This For (World) Peace

Why we do what we do.

Peace is always an inside job. The path to world peace is paved one open heart at a time. This is why we have made it our mission to help as many humans as possible connect with their hearts, so they can remember their own power and their own perfection

We know that when your heart  is activated, you become an uplifter in your family, your community, and the world. This is how we can create a world in which humans live from a place of love, intuition, inspiration, joy and inner peace; where the natural state of the human existence is one of unconditional love and unconditional worthiness.

This is when we enter the next phase of our evolution and we become the deliberate creators that we have come here to be. 


We Bring The Woo Down To Earth

We might be living in the clouds with our lofty goals of attaining world peace, but we are practical and strategic in practice. We take the mysticism out of ancient teachings and make esoteric ideas accessible to even the most pragmatic peace seekers.

What We Teach

Attaining Clarity + Inner Peace
Catching The "Flow" State
Conscious De-Coupling
Forgiveness + Compassion
Healing From Trauma
Intuition + Creativity
Managing Stress + Anxiety
Mindfulness + Mindset
Living With An Open Heart
Transcending Fear
Working With Universal Laws + Energies

How We Teach

Individual + Group Coaching
In-Person + Online Training
Workshops + Retreats
Executive Coaching
Corporate Events
Keynote Talks

"Your mindfulness webinar was the most successful training we’ve had since I’ve been here. 93% of attendees rated it Satisfied or Very Satisfied. Great job and thank you!"

Holly Camlin
Talent Manager, Cognizant

"I have just, for the first time in 18 years, seen the situation completely differently, by talking things through with you in a different light. It's now been possible for me to discover my blindspot and to release myself from what I have been carrying around for half of my life."

Mhairi Morrison
Private Client

"I've been to therapy, read books, talked people's ears off, but nothing has ever resonated with me as much as Ellie's teachings... The whole world can benefit from her workshop."

Tonya M.
Course Attendee

"As someone who has struggled with chronic depression, I've taken many approaches to healing. Working with Ellie has brought greater healing into my life than all of those other paths combined. Her perspective and profound awareness has allowed me to truly understand the cycles and patterns I've created that have held me hostage, and the insight how to set myself free and live a life of purpose and peace."

Rachel Slawson
Corporate Flight Attendant, Jet Edge International

"Ellie Shoja has a natural gift to convey deep introspective thought with simple language and metaphors so that one clearly understands her meaning as it relates to one's life. I have used the tools I’ve learned to understand myself and my relationships with others and find contentment with who I am."

Paul Martinez
Owner, Sonoma Valley Wholesale Nursery

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