Level Up Holistically!

Unleash your team's untapped potential.

Minimize Loss

We help you address the root cause of your organization's most detrimental pain points with human-centric, mindfulness tools that eradicate dysfunction.

Stress + Burnout

Stress and anxiety cost American companies $300B per year. What could you be doing with your share of this pie?

Communication Breakdown

Are your brilliant initiatives lost in translation between departments and teams? How much more effective will your team be if everyone spoke the same language?

Lack of Accountability

Nothing great is accomplished in a culture of fingerpointing and lack of ownership. How much bigger would your impact be if you could completely count on your teammates? 

Maximize Return

We give your team the internal tools to be happier, healthier, and more balanced humans, so they can perform at their highest potential.


Creativity is at the core of innovation, great leadership, and professional resilience. How can you disrupt your industry if your team had the tools to access their unexploited reserve of creative powers?


Increased productivity is a natural byproduct of a workforce that is less stressed, more cohesive, and more engaged. What if you could increase your company's output by giving your team the tools to be more productive?


Low employee morale can result in communication breakdowns and high turnover. What can your team accomplish in a culture of collaboration that fosters teamwork and open communication?

What We Teach

Company Culture + Morale
Conflict Resolution
Creative Problem Solving
Effective + Influential Communication
Holistic Change Management
Inspired Innovation
Intuition + Creativity
Mindful Leadership + Decision Making
Mindfulness + Mindset
Performance Coaching
Root Cause Analysis
Scaling + Transitions
Stress + Anxiety Management
Team Alignment
The "Flow" State
Transcending Fear

How We Teach

Individual + Group Coaching
In-Person + Online Training
Workshops + Retreats
Executive Coaching
Corporate Events
Keynote Talks

"Your mindfulness webinar was the most successful training we’ve had since I’ve been here. 93% of attendees rated it Satisfied or Very Satisfied. Great job and thank you!"

Holly Camlin
Talent Manager, Cognizant

"I have just, for the first time in 18 years, seen the situation completely differently, by talking things through with you in a different light. It's now been possible for me to discover my blindspot and to release myself from what I have been carrying around for half of my life."

Mhairi Morrison
Private Client

"I've been to therapy, read books, talked people's ears off, but nothing has ever resonated with me as much as Ellie's teachings... The whole world can benefit from her workshop."

Tonya M.
Course Attendee

"As someone who has struggled with chronic depression, I've taken many approaches to healing. Working with Ellie has brought greater healing into my life than all of those other paths combined. Her perspective and profound awareness has allowed me to truly understand the cycles and patterns I've created that have held me hostage, and the insight how to set myself free and live a life of purpose and peace."

Rachel Slawson
Corporate Flight Attendant, Jet Edge International

"Ellie Shoja has a natural gift to convey deep introspective thought with simple language and metaphors so that one clearly understands her meaning as it relates to one's life. I have used the tools I’ve learned to understand myself and my relationships with others and find contentment with who I am."

Paul Martinez
Owner, Sonoma Valley Wholesale Nursery

Let us help you unleash your team's dormant potential!

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