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Your Heart Knows The Way 

We wanted to create not only the most beautiful deck of inspirational oracle cards out there, but also the most impactfulYour Heart Knows The Way combines the breathtaking images of Los Angeles-based fine artist Chris Dellorco with the deeply-moving channeled writing of spiritual teacher and motivational speaker Ellie Shoja.

The result is a deck that is not only a stunning centerpiece and conversation starter, but also has the power to help you re-connect with your powerful heart, so you can live from inspiration, find your purpose in life, and tap into joy. 

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"The most beautiful deck I’ve seen. The artwork on the cards is stunning. These cards are truly magical. Every time I’ve drawn a card it’s unbelievable how much it resonates in my life and current situation. They are such a great gift idea too."

- Tamara de Kauwe, Amazon Customer

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Peace Unleashed Book Club 

Explore what it means to be human, discover your purpose in life, and harness your individual potential!

In the Peace Unleashed book club, we explore powerful ideas that take you inward and connect you to the infinite consciousness that is at the core of your Being.

Join our community of readers who enjoy discussing some of the most influential and transformative books of our time.

"Reading books with friends is always a wonderful experience and sharing in the Peace Unleashed Book Club is no different. The varying expressions and opinions provide an environment for light heartedness while exploring the deeper issues presented in each book.  
Reading with the Peace Unleashed Book Club members educates, stimulates, and leaves you eager to start the next book."

- Joan Reid, Book Club Member

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Meditations + Online Courses


You're never alone with your tribe of peace pioneers on the other side of a click. Our online community transcends all borders and supports you on your journey into peace through a number of free resources. Read our blog, listen to the Unleash Your Peace Podcast, soak in the love notes on Instagram, and join our Facebook community.

If you need additional support, check out our selection of online courses, masterclasses, and meditations. 

"I have just, for the first time in 18 years, seen the situation completely
differently, by talking things through with you in a different light. It's now been
possible for me to discover my blindspot and to release myself from what I have
been carrying around for half of my life."

- Mhairi Morrison, Community Member

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Unleash Your Peace Podcast 


The first 75 episodes of our podcast are structured as a course into inner peace. Every week, during these episodes, we explore a different topic about the internal world, remove all the barriers you've built against peace, and give you the tools you need to connect with your source of power. If you're struggling with finding peace, start at the beginning and listen to this comprehensive and powerful course. 

The later episodes are interviews with thought leaders who live from an internal state of connection. If you'd like to be inspired by the journeys of others, check out these later episodes. 

"I was initially introduced to Ellie & Neloo by a 3rd party mutual friend. Working within the wellness industry, I looked into the podcast, albeit without much expectation.
And BOOM! Ellie captivated me from episode 1 (“what is peace?”). Ellie has an unbelievably unique way of helping make otherwise difficult & polarizing concepts, easier to understand. A necessary part of being able to introduce the lesson into your own journey. Just love the short format series style as well. I come back to Ellie and the podcast daily to Unleash & Learn."

- Justin Campbell, Podcast Listener

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Catch Us On The TEDx Stage

In 2019, both our CEO Ellie Shoja and COO Neloo Naderi shared inspiring insights from the TED stage in individual talks. Check out their talks below.

"Your mindfulness webinar was the most successful training we’ve had since I’ve been here. 93% of attendees rated it Satisfied or Very Satisfied. Great job and thank you!"

Holly Camlin
Talent Manager, Cognizant

"I have just, for the first time in 18 years, seen the situation completely differently, by talking things through with you in a different light. It's now been possible for me to discover my blindspot and to release myself from what I have been carrying around for half of my life."

Mhairi Morrison
Actress, Mime

"I've been to therapy, read books, talked people's ears off, but nothing has ever resonated with me as much as Ellie's teachings... The whole world can benefit from her workshop."

Tonya M.
High School English Teacher

"As someone who has struggled with chronic depression, I've taken many approaches to healing. Working with Ellie has brought greater healing into my life than all of those other paths combined. Her perspective and profound awareness has allowed me to truly understand the cycles and patterns I've created that have held me hostage, and the insight how to set myself free and live a life of purpose and peace."

Rachel Slawson
Miss Utah USA, 2020

"Ellie Shoja has a natural gift to convey deep introspective thought with simple language and metaphors so that one clearly understands her meaning as it relates to one's life. I have used the tools I’ve learned to understand myself and my relationships with others and find contentment with who I am."

Paul Martinez
Owner, Sonoma Valley Wholesale Nursery

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