Can You Logic Your Way Into A Better Feeling Life?

this week's topic Jul 23, 2018

We all know how powerful our minds are. We're told whatever we put our minds to, we can achieve, and that our minds create our reality. We may even have experienced this incredible creative power of our minds when we imagined what we desired into physical manifestation. 

But can we logic our way to a better feeling life? Can we think ourselves into happiness when we are far from it? 

Before we can answer this question, we need to look at the human being. 

The human being consists of two parts: 

  1. The physical human part with its human needs who lives and operates in this physical manifested reality. All day long, we make decisions and take actions that shape our experiences in the physical, manifested world. From the foot we eat to the clothes we wear and the education we receive, our lives are dictated by and often revolve around the physical needs and wants of our human part. 

  2. The second part of the human being is the "being" -- The non-physical, eternal, form-less, body-less, limit-less part of us whose entire purpose is to guide and inspire us to have a fulfilling and expansive experience while we are in these manifested bodies. 

Together, the physical human and the non-physical being make up the whole human being.

The quantity of our lives is linked to our human, physical experiences. Anything that is learnable through our minds and experienceable through our bodies makes up the quantity of our lives. Our physical characteristics, education, social status, belongings, preferences, etc. collectively determine the quantity of our lives. 

The quality of our lives, on the other hand, is rooted in our connection with our beingness -- the infinite, non-physical part of ourselves that holds all our answers and inspires us to create.

Notice that I call it the human part and the being part, instead of human half. This is because the our physical, human part is only a tiny piece of our whole selves. We are vibrational beings having physical experiences. Only a small part of the grand, non-physical You has come into this body you occupy in order to have this physical experience.  

Understanding this distinction becomes especially important when we look around and realize that happiness, for most people, is tied to more quantitative, human achievements, which falsely externalize happiness. We do whatever it takes to get the new car, the thinner body, the extra zero at the end of our bank account balance, because we think that in the attainment of them, we will finally be happy. 

Unfortunately, this is exactly how we run ourselves rugged. We achieve great fame and greater fortune, only to learn that we are as unhappy as we were when we could barely pay rent. Eventually, we come to our knees in desperation. In the worst cases, we might lose faith in living. In the best cases, we realize that it's not possible to find something when we look for it where it is not. And we, at last, begin to look for happiness where it is: inside of us. 

So, let's circle back to our original question: Can we logic our way into a better feeling life? 

To properly answer this question, consider this: logic, thinking, reasoning -- these are functions of the human experience. They allow us to observe, understand, and explain the physical world -- the quantitative, human world. Happiness, joy, fulfillment, excitement, anticipation, love -- these are expressions of our non-physical Self. They're not of the physical world and cannot be observed, understood, learned, or taught through our minds.  

If you're having a hard time accepting the previous paragraph, let's look at an example. Imagine you're at your favorite restaurant, having your favorite dish. You can, using your logical mind, describe the ambiance of the restaurant. Using words, sound effects, and body language, you can tell me about the food you're eating. Your quantitative experience will be easy for me to understand. I can easily turn around and give a full report of the what, where, why, who, when, and how of your experience to someone else.

But how do you feel when you sit down at this restaurant? Can you explain to me your level of enjoyment in such a way that I feel the same? How does the bite you just put into your mouth taste to you? Can you explain the flavors to me in such a way that I taste the food in my mouth? What is your emotional experience? Can you reason your experience with such effectiveness that I too feel the same thing? 

It is practically impossible to explain your experience in such a way that allows another to feel your feelings and share in your experience. Even if I did take a bite of your food, the quality of my experience will differ from yours even if the physical act remains the same. 

Now, let's consider this: Would your enjoyment of this dish be the same if you broken up with your lover moments before the food was served, or if you just learned of the death of a friend, or if you just got a major promotion at work? 

These are extreme examples, but I hope they demonstrate that the quality of your experience differs significantly based on what is happening for you internally. This is because, the closer you are to your greater, grander, infinite Self -- the smaller the gap between your human part and your Being part -- the better you feel. And the better you feel, the higher the quality of your experience. 

So, can you logic your way into a better feeling life? 

I hope that by now you agree with me that the answer to this question is, "No." We have to feel our way into a better feeling life, for the simple reason that without knowing where we are going emotionally, we won't get there.

So, how then can you create a life for yourself that feels better? 

The easiest way is to feel better today and allow a better feeling life to unfurl in front of you. Remember that your happiness does not reside in any quantitative achievement or validation. You can get the car, the house, the shoes, the money, the career, but if you're expecting these to fill the hole of unhappiness inside of you, you will continue to be unhappy -- no matter how much wealth or fame you accumulate. 

So, look for your happiness where it actually is: inside of you. Close the gap between your human self and your non-physical Beingness (your Higher Self), and you will live the rest of your days in a state of unwavering joy. 


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