Is Your Need To Control Your Life Keeping You Stuck?

this week's topic Jan 28, 2019

When I finally surrendered in December of 2017, I had no idea how my life was going to change. I didn't know that within months I would be driving across western US states for 4 months, and that by June, I would untether myself from all that was keeping me in Los Angeles and move to Canada for the rest of the year.

And WHAT exactly was it that I surrendered to?

That’s perhaps the strangest detail of all: I surrendered to complete uncertainty. I surrendered to being okay with not knowing where my path was leading. All I knew was that there was something within me I needed to share with the world — a message I needed to pass on.

What was the message? You might ask, and at the time I would have answered, “I have no clue…”

“And what about now?” You say, “Do you have a clue now?”

Maybe. I’m still figuring it out. But I can tell you this: I’m a heck of a lot closer (I think) now than I was then.

So what was is that compelled me to leap? Do I regret it? Have I learned something deep and profound from the year I spent living out of a suitcase, creating messages of love and talking about forgiveness? Was it worth it?

I was walking down Santa Monica Boulevard today, decaf coffee in hand and deeply engrossed in conversation with a friend when I was hit with the biggest lesson I’ve learned from my bohemian life of the past 12 months.

The bigger our dreams, the more comfortable we need to become with uncertainty.

This realization hit me hard. 

Of course I needed to step into complete uncertainty before I could find my way into the massive dreams I have constructed for myself. Big dreams CANNOT flourish when you are micromanaging them. If you want to see a brilliant child plummet into the depths of depression and mediocrity, all you have to do is try to control every aspect of his life. 

We suffocate the creativity out of our potential when we don't embrace uncertainty and the many incredibly opportunities it provides.

This week on the Unleash Your Peace Podcast (iTunes, Spotify, Podbean), I share some of the biggest lessons I learned in 2018, including how untethering myself from all physical representations of security (home, car, job, etc.) allowed me to realize that I am supported completely by the universe.


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