Journey Of One

Some paths are best traversed alone. Some journeys are not meant to be shared. But even the most independent sage may need a few tools along the way.

"The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Experts estimate that one in four people have treatable mental or emotional difficulties, but up to 75 percent of Americans and Europeans don’t seek the help they need."
Psychological Medicine

Deep Dive Into The Self

There are some quests we must embark on alone. And then there are those times when we'd rather work through our resistance on our own terms. Whatever inspired your solo journey into the Self, we offer you just the right amount of support to help you along your path.

Online Courses

Our online courses range from 45-minute masterclasses to multi-day online workshops that are delivered via web video. All online courses come with lifetime access.


Guided Meditations

Our guided meditations combine soothing music with grounding guidance to take you inward. They are perfect for both seasoned meditators and those just starting out. 


Books + Journals

We make our dreams real by writing them down, and we expand our lives through reading. Our books and journals will give you the tools to unleash your power.



If you frequently forget how perfect you are, follow the Peace Unleashed Instagram page for daily reminders of your true powers. Every day, we share love notes that are meant to uplift and inspire you, so you can remember to be the powerful creator that you already are.



Every week, on the Unleash Your Peace podcast, we dive into a different topic about the internal world. Our goal is simple: to demystify the internal world and give you all the tools you need to attain and maintain a state of clarity and peace. 


"Ellie's teaching and approach has been life-changing for me. After trying many different avenues to understanding myself better and to work toward obtaining inner peace, nothing helped more than Ellie's workshop. Anyone and everyone would benefit from her teachings. My life has (and continues to) change in the most positive ways because of Ellie's guidance. "

Tonya M.
High School Teacher | Course Attendee

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