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Your Heart Knows The Way

We wanted to create not only the most beautiful deck of inspirational cards out there, but also the most impactfulYour Heart Knows The Way combines the breathtaking images of Los Angeles-based fine artist Chris Dellorco with the deeply-moving channeled writing of spiritual teacher and motivational speaker Ellie Shoja.

The result is a deck that is not only a stunning centerpiece and conversation starter, but also has the power to help you re-connect with your powerful heart, so you can live from inspiration, find your purpose in life, and tap into joy. 

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Each Card Is A Masterpiece

This deck features 53 breathtaking paintings, each a masterpiece on its own. Fine artist Chris Dellorco has dedicated the latter two decades of his career to capturing the elegance, beauty, strength and versatility of his female subjects within the four corners of his canvas. These paintings are sensual and overflowing with emotion. 

"These cards are amazing. I’ve chosen to read one card each day. They are beautifully illustrated and the messages are thoughtful and calming. I purchased a deck for myself and another one for a gift. I highly recommend this."

-Susan Breslau
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Thoughtful design elements accentuate the effortless beauty of Chris Dellorco's paintings.

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The powerful writing in the guidebook tunes your inner state to the energy of love and self acceptance.

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Simple, elegant design allows every painting and the channeled writings to shine. 

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Heart-centered messages of unconditional love connect you to the source of your power.

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World-Class Art: Chris Dellorco is the painter for the stars. In his previous career as a Disney Illustrator, he created iconic, award-winning posters for classic films such as The Lion King, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast. Having the opportunity to feature 53 of his stunning paintings in this deck has been a dream come true for us.

Profound, Channeled Writing: Ellie Shoja's channeled writing is a notch above the text found in most conventional oracle deck guidebooks. The writing is not only poetic, but it concisely cuts through the noise and gives you the language, insights and tools you need to connect more deeply with your true essence of unconditional love.  

Impeccable Design: Design Director Mariola Bruszewska is responsible for advertising campaigns for Nike, YouTube, Google, and Samsung. Her ability to effortlessly marry Chris's beautiful paintings with Ellie's powerful writing is at the root of the overall elegance of this deck. 

Gold Foil Ink: We love the striking look and high-end feel of gold foil ink. This is why we've included gold on the box cover, on the backs of every card and on the edges of every card.

Premium Card Stock: The paper we use for these cards is heavier than customary. As a result, these cards sit and fit in your hands nicely and are easy to hold and shuffle.

Sit Back And Enjoy!

Take a few minutes and enjoy this video of Author Ellie Shoja reading you the guidebook text for one of the cards in the Your Heart Knows The Way oracle card deck. 

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52 Cards. 52 Breathtaking Paintings. 52 Heart-Opening Messages. 

Card 1 To Be Is Your Purpose
Card 2 Remove All Conditions
Card 3 See Beauty In Others
Card 4 Expect The Best
Card 5 Absence Of Love Is Fear
Card 6 Fear is a Luxury
Card 7 Follow Your Bliss
Card 8 You Are Already Whole
Card 9 Remember Your Perfection
Card 10 Love leads You Home
Card 11 Expose Your Heart
Card 12 You can Choose Love
Card 13 You Create Your Pain
Card 14 Love is Always Present
Card 15 Find Power In Loss
Card 16 Compassion Is Your Freedom
Card 17 Be In Service Of Love
Card 18 Listen To Your Heart
Card 19 Love Is What You Are
Card 20 Remember Your True Self
Card 21 Get Out Of Your Own Way
Card 22 Choose Your Life
Card 23 Speak Only Of Love
Card 24 Joy Expands Your Life
Card 25 Choose To See No Faults
Card 26 Leap And Find Your Wings
Card 27 See The World As Beautiful
Card 28 Allow Yourself To Shine
Card 29 Surrender To Your Soul
Card 30 Surrender And Be At Peace
Card 31 Unleash Your Purpose
Card 32 Find Comfort In Uncertainty
Card 33 Loss Makes You Whole
Card 34 You Are Not Broken
Card 35 Look Inward To Be Happy
Card 36 Only Now Is Real
Card 37 Find Peace In Your Heart
Card 38 Nurture Love and Expand
Card 39 We Are One
Card 40 Whispers Of Your Soul
Card 41 Care For Your Self
Card 42 Walk Each Other Home
Card 43 Love Lives In Stillness
Card 44 Forgive The Unforgivable
Card 45 Choose To See Abundance
Card 46 We Share One Heart
Card 47 Your Heart Can't Break
Card 48 Lean In Anyway
Card 49 Your Lover Isn't Lost
Card 50 Your Soul Is Magnetic
Card 51 Your Come From Love
Card 52 You Exist As Potential

"I love love love these cards. My wife surprised me with them a few weeks ago and boy were they not only well written but it resonated with me on another level. On my journey to find inner peace I feel like these are a great tool to use and reflect on especially to share with friends and fam. These make a great gift, especially for someone spiritual!"

-Amazon Customer
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